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Why can't we have an extension on the regular season?

This is the most common question in the history of the league.  We've been asked this at least 500,000 times (okay, just a slight exaggeration).
If there was no end to the regular season, we would never get around to the playoffs.  Most often, this question is combined with, "If I could have until Saturday, I could play all of my matches!"
There needs to be an end to the regular season if we are going to have time for the playoffs.  If you extend it to Saturday, what happens if it rains Saturday?  If we say yes to you, what about the player who says, "I could finish my matches if I have until Sunday?"  If we go to Sunday, what do we say to the player who says, "Wait a minute, I could finish my matches too if I had until Tuesday!  If you're going to let those players have extra time, I should get extra time too!"
In short, any extension is arbitrary and favors some players over others.
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