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Playoff Deadline Rules

These rules are for divisions with a Semi-Final and a Final.  If your division has more rounds than this, you will receive special instructions.
After the final day to report scores, you will receive your Semi-Final match along with a deadline by which it needs to be played.  (Exception would be if you have a bye straight to the final).


1)  For a semi-final match, contact your opponent immediately and work out a date and location for your semi-final.

2) Notify the league by email of the date, location and time or your semi-final match. 
3) If you aren't able to schedule the match by the deadline, schedule it for the earliest date that both players/teams can play.
4) If you are past the deadline, notify the league by email of the situation.  League administrators will contact the opposite side and determine if extending beyond the semi-final deadline will cause the Final to be played after September 1st.  If the final could not be played until after September 1st, the player/teams that was unavailable for the most days before the semi-final deadline will forfeit the match.  The only exception is if every player involved insists they wish to go beyond September 1st to play the match.
league email:
Please do not wait to schedule your semi-final match!!!  We have seen many cases where waiting even a few days to begin scheduling has proved disastrous, in that either team could have played the semi-final within those few days, but they have no dates in common for three weeks afte
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