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Match Point Tennis League History


Match Point Tennis began as The Franklin Tennis League in the late 1980's.  It was started by David Izzo, the manager at what was then Silver's Health and Fitness Center.  For many years the league played at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts. 


Once the courts at Dean College became unplayable, the league moved to Medway High School and was renamed Match Point Tennis League.   The league has expanded since then and at times has also rented courts at King Philip High School in Wrentham.  Beginning in 2021, the league is using a new format in which one player or team each week is designated as the home team and can select the match location within specific local parameters.








Your hosts at Match Point Tennis:       Steve Nespolo and Sue Broderick.

Dick Robinson Memorial Good Sport Award Winners:


Dick Robinson played in what was then the Franklin Tennis League for many years in every division.  Dick was the epitome of a good sport on and off the court.  You had no idea watching Dick play whether he was winning by a large margin, losing by a large margin, or anything in between, but you knew he was competing hard and having a great time on the court.


Since 1999 we have been giving out Good Sport Awards in Dick's honor.  Past winners include:

2018: Laura Akins, Christine Shelley and Richard Hoang

2017: Sue Martin & Dave Rittenhouse

2016: Gail & Laura Irwin (tie) & Paul Rochon

2015: Paula & Paul Carney

2014: Sue & Clayton Rieck

2013: Gail Irwin & Jason Szabo

2012: Jane Gates & John Fratus

2011: Holly Salzillo & Anthony Balzarini

2010: Sylvia Windzio & Jerry McDonald

2009: Anne Lecuyer, Phil Morton, & Frank Todesco

2008: Grace Morton & Paul Mucciarone

2007: Maureen Patrick & Mike DiGiantommaso

2006: Robin Chisholm, Gerri Stalley, Chris Landers & John Salzillo

2005: Sue Broderick, Rose Petti, & Tom Nolan

2004: Beth Craver, Mark Rosenberg, & Drew Garvin

2003: Anne Bergen & Graham Stalley

2002: Gerri Stalley & Dennis Langevin

2001: Ted Ahern

2000: Sue Broderick

1999: Steve Nespolo


Congratulations to everyone on this list!  If you are playing Match Point Tennis this summer, it's never too early to start being a good sport on the court and gathering votes.  You could be the next winner!



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